Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Linksys X6200 ADSL2+/VDSL2 Gigabit Wireless AC750 Router Review

To get this router/modem working with my UK ISP 'Talktalk' the only settings i had to change was to select the "PTM" option as shown in the screenshot, by default "ATM" was selected. It then takes a few seconds to reload the page, then tick the "Enable VLAN" checkbox, then enter "101" into the "VLAN ID" textbox. I also changed the timezone lower down on the page too then clicked "save". After 40-60 seconds after this was done the internet then worked via my ethernet connected desktop.

If you have a different ISP you should check which settings you need to change here:

Most VDSL capable ISP packages (a.k.a "fibre") use PPPoE which requires you to enter a username and password in order for your internet to work, 'Talktalk' uses "IPoE" instead which just automatically works which is nice. Some ISP's may initially refuse to give you these details but you can often find out the details by googling them. Uk ISP "BT" actually blocks non-BT modems either immediately or even up to 9 months later. You may need to change the Linksys' MAC address to the one on the back of your BT homehub router to get it to work using the "MAC address clone" option shown in the screenshot above. So don't throw away or sell your BT router as you can't both use the same MAC address.

This router appears to be working well so far, you can see the names of devices and their mac addresses connected via LAN or wireless too using the "DHCP client table" button which opens a new window and shows this:

I uploaded screenshots of the whole of the web interface here:


  1. "Uk ISP "BT" actually blocks non-BT modems either immediately or even up to 9 months later. ". Not true, I've been using my own router/modem on my BT VDSL line for ages (3+ years) and never needed to use MAC cloning, so I'm not sure who or where you got that from!

    1. I have read of several people that have had to change their MAC to their BT homehub mac to get their broadband to work again. You must be lucky.